Redefining the Means of the modern-day Man

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Welcome to Brotherhood

We are invigorating the new age Man by challenging what's been classified as 'fit' in the past, and introducing the missing elements that complete our well-being. Fitness is no longer solely defined through our phyiscality or appearance, but also by our mental, emotional, spiritual and social capabilities. 

As Brotherhood stands on the forefront of the perspective shift within masculine culture, we exist to redefine the means of the modern-day man and hope to have our mission heard loud and spread far, to all corners of the globe.

Our Story

Brotherhood could not be what it is today without both Guy and Cato. Brotherhood was bought to life by their shared passions surrounding health & fitness, breathwork, meditation, optimal living and self-development.

The two would meet at the Burleigh Bars to train physically, then to the beach for rounds of breathwork and a silent meditation - never ignoring the other aspects of their well-being. This practice they had now cultivated earned the term 'Daily Essentials’ and invited anyone else who shared similar passions and were willing to join in.

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Having made the decision to share learnings with a wider collective, Brotherhood was formed. A tribe of men that could spill their shit, create growth networks, feel comfort in confiding with others and share wisdom from each other. A place to train confidence, compassion, integrity and identity; the ultimate self-development community for men!

Brotherhood today is solely owned by Guy, as Cato set out to fulfil his biggest dreams as a Life Coach, solo. The two still closely network and collaborate together on business ventures, catch up for some adventure sports on the weekend, and of course, still meet for a weekly dose of the Brotherhood Daily Essentials.

Our Core Values

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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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With confidence, you have won before you have started

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

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Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them we cannot survive

Meet Our Men

Guy Anderson

Founder & Coach

Guy has been a qualified personal trainer for the best of 5 years who has been mentored by leading coaches in both New Zealand and Australia.

He specialises in conscious, controlled movements, which promote a functional, healthy, mobile and versatile body.

Guy's mission is to Optimise the Human Experience, where he believes harmonising a loving relationship between mind, body & soul will ultimately lead towards becoming an integrated whole-being. 

Dominic Morosini

Physiotherapist/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dom graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2021. Prior to this, Dom spent three years as a qualified personal and group trainer across both indoor and outdoor settings.

Dom specialises in athletic development, sports-specific assessment. and rehabilitation with a passion for primal based movement, animal flow and dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation.

Dom's mission is to optimise and liberate the human experience through developing increased consciousness surround one's body and movement. 

Adam green

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Adam has been researching and experimenting with different training methods for over 7 years, specialising in strength and resilience training.

His love for the hardship and comradery of group fitness was first discovered during his time in the Australian Army, and he truly believes this is what all men need.

Adam’s mission is to raise the standard of the modern man through conscious conversations and physical efforts.

What people say

Brotherhood helped me feel comfortable really being me. When I've got a lot on my plate I know I have a community of certified badass's to help me conquer it. It's the group of life dominating, positive, and energetic friends I've always desired.

Ben Thomas

A community in which you can seriously grow as a person ...just keep up what you guys are doing


Love the energy and vibes feel like we can open up and really get stuff of our chest. Plus having an awesome workout with the lads. Couldn’t pick anything they aren’t doing. Next level! Glad we met these legends!

SEan Maher

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