Mr. Natural Healthy Hot Chocolate 640g Refill Pouch

Mr. Natural Healthy Hot Chocolate 640g Refill Pouch

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The best-tasting Healthy Hot Chocolate we've ever tried. 

Morning, Evening or Night

Also incredible as an Iced Choccy or to add an extra nutritious & delicious punch to smoothies, beautiful brownies and banging balls.

This pre-mixed powerhouse of superfoods means you can get your daily dose, easily, quickly, anywhere ... and it tastes great!

Combining Cacao, MCT, the power of coconut & almighty adaptogens.  

This is a potion to help you thrive in the world we live in. 

An All-in-one wonder. Just add water or your favourite milk. It's so easy!

100% Natural ingredients & zero crap!

Organic | Vegan | GF | Refined sugar-free | Recyclable & Reusable Jar


100% Natural & Organic ingredients:

Premium cacao powder, Coconut MCT, Evaporated coconut nectar, Pure coconut milk powder, Rapadura, Acacia, Monk fruit juice powder, Mountain salt, Medicinal mushrooms; (Turkey tail, Maitake, Reishi, Chaga, cordyceps) Ashwagandha