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Eat Like A Warrior - Meal Plan

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3000 calories of highly nutritious, protein rich whole foods for only $16.95 per day!!

  • 2x large meals (avg. price $5.25/meal*2= $10.50)
  • 1x BrotherHood 'Immunity' Shake ($3.25/shake)
  • 1x small meal (avg. price $1.92/meal)
  • 2x snacks (avg. price $0.64/snack*2= $1.28)

'The Warrior' Meal Planner will educate and support a lifestyle of wholeness, allowing you to optimise, simplify and enjoy the Daily Essentials. 


What's included

Nutrition and health optimisation guidance 

Method to the meals explained

    Meal prep guide 

    Nutritional breakdown of meals (calories, macros, weight) 

    Grocery and cooking equipment list