Advance to Alpha Event Ticket (Feb 12th & 13th) - Brotherhood

Advance to Alpha Event Ticket (2 & 3 March 2024)

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A2A Summer Edition!

Brotherhood presents the ultimate two-day experience to level up and advance you to your true alpha. A weekend free from distraction, celebrating the magnificence of being a man, reconnecting you to your resilient roots, and awakening the integral and superior warrior that lies dormant within you!​​

This event includes: 

  • A completely phone-free environment
  • 48-hours fasting facilitation & guidance
  • Deep presence in congruence with nature 
  • Advanced nutritionist mentorship & accountability strategics 
  • Natural remedies to increase testosterone
  • Submission and deflection workshop & coaching
  • 'King of the Arena' team tournament'
  • Money Mindset Accelerator' master plan
  • Cold plunge & water immersion
  • Ancestral living & primitive connection exercises
  • Holotropic breath-work ceremony
  • Glory & Greatness' goal-setting workshop
  • Bone broth to bring the digestive system back online
  • Transportation to and from Springbrook National Park
  • BBQ & Buffet

For more information on Advance to Alpha, click here.