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Celebrating a Groundbreaking Year Together

Family Who?! 



Brotherhood Wholeness Centre

4/4 Hutchinson Street, Burleigh Heads


Saturday 10th December



  • Brotherhood & Familyhood Award Night
  • Complimentary BBQ 'Meat On James' Burger & Drink
  • BYO Booze
  • Live Music & DJ
  • Spot Prizes

I personally would love to thank each and every one of you who has made Brotherhood & Familyhood possible.

Thank you for your support in helping grow and expand these communities as it has brought so much joy into my heart. Community would be nothing without the people in it.

 Familyhood Festivities is our way of giving back to YOU!
Let's celebrate 2022 TOGETHER!

Guy Anderson

Owner of Brotherhood

Familyhood Festivities Ticket
Familyhood Festivities Ticket

Limited Tickets Available

Familyhood Festivities Ticket


This is an admit one ticket. 

It includes one complimentary BBQ Burger and Drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic),  entry into raffle/spot prize draw and various discounts across collaborating stalls throughout the night. 


We've come a long way in 2022, acquiring our own physical location thanks to the Brother Ball back in June, fundraising and contributing funds towards securing our new location at 4/4 Hutchinson Street, Burleigh Heads!

Join us on Saturday 10th December for a festivity-filled evening with connection, laughs, celebration, congratulation and healthy consumption within our new space/location- we deserve it!

Community is nothing without the people in it, so we can't wait to see you there family.

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We've brought you a Winter Ball, and now we bring you the Summer Send-Off you've been Longing For!

Familyhood Festivities is our way to raise funds to help nurture and grow these communities so we can continue to improve and add more value to the communities you love!

Let's celebrate those that have shown up within these two communities and really helped add value for not only themselves, but for those around them with an award ceremony/presentation, whilst listening to live music, eating incredible food, drinking various beverages, in OUR SPACE for the people who helped us acquire it! 

This event endorses a JUDGEMENT FREE zone. Come as your full, authentic-self, where you can be free surrounded by the people you love.

Live Entertainment

Jake Wood

René Le Feuvre

DJ Jella

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With the aim for Familyhood to remain free- we need your help.

Guy, and the team, are constantly in trial with the council and other fun spoilers.

We need to raise money to purchase more permits to account for the increase in numbers that are attending this FREE session.

This way we can ensure everyone is safe within our supervision and so we are also compliant with council and their various regulations. 

Have any questions?

Send us a message with any questions or queries here, or alternatively message us on Instagram