Advance To Alpha
(summer edition!)

March 2-3 2024

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Reset & Recalibrate

Brotherhood presents the ultimate two-day experience to level up and advance you to your true alpha. A weekend free from distraction, celebrating the magnificence of being a man, reconnecting you to your resilient roots, and awakening the integral and superior warrior that has lies dormant within you!​​

We equip you with the tools to live life more optimally and purposefully. By testing your ability to find comfort in the uncomfortable, we can expose, explore and learn ways to remove instant gratification and enhance the power of restriction.

For the mind, body & soul

This weekend will endorse a surplus of healthy testosterone, creating a resurgence of innate masculine energy and charge. It’s common to gain profound levels of productivity, focus and clarity. As well as new found perspective, introspection and abundance. Welcome a redefined lifestyle, abundant with humility, presence and optimal living. Most importantly, you will leave a whole man - and Advanced to Alpha.

Let's move away from retreats, it's time to advance!

What to expect?

  • A completely phone free evironment
  • 48-hours fasting facilitation & guidance
  • Deep presence in congruence with nature 
  • Advanced nutritionist mentorship & accountability strategics 
  • Natural remedies to increase testosterone
  • Submission and deflection workshop & coaching
  • 'King of the Arena' team tournament'
  • Money Mindset Accelerator' master plan
  • Cold plunge & water immersion 
  • Ancestral living & primitive connection exercises
  • Holotropic breath-work ceremony
  • 'Glory & Greatness' goal setting workshop
  •  Bone broth to bring the digestive system back online
  • Transportation to and from Springbrook National Park
  • Chef prepared Brazilian BBQ & Buffet
  • Optional alcoholic beverages to celebrate and close the extended fast

Your Facilitators

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